About N?m Healing

by Stefan Wils

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About N?m Healing

N?m Healing is a very profound way of getting rid of disturbing emotions and programs, without the need to discuss these problems.

N?m Healing is about letting people share in very deep and harmonious state of being; it is like turning up the light which will make the darkness disappear.

Disturbing programs in body (illness, pain etc), emotions (sadness, depression, anxiety and general unhappiness) and your thinking (negativity, judgmental thoughts) will disappear in a very short time frame

N?m Healing is possible through a deep personal relation with Yogin?m, who has enabled certain people to work in this way and share His profound state of peace with people who are in need of more harmony, peace and love in their lives.

Healer Stefan Wils BaliAbout Stefan

Stefan has been performing healings for about 30 years and has a deep understanding of the human state and the problems connected to this state and knows how to dissolve these.

In these 30 years he has performed thousands of sessions and instructed hundreds of students in this way of helping our fellow human beings. For many years he has run one of the largest healing centers in Holland.

When he met Yogin?m, his spiritual guide, his life transformed to a much greater state of wellbeing, Through his association with Yogin?m, he is able to attune to a very blissful state of being and is able to share this state with people that seek more harmony and peace and love in their lives.

Besides working with N?m Healing, Stefan also works with magical objects like keris, Kumang Thong, Amulets and other spirit charged objects, these spirits? give a very powerful drive to the healing.

You will learn profound exercises, which you can use in your daily life when you return to your home country; an energetic/ magical self help tool set which you can use to improve any situation you might find yourself in with direct impact and will give you tools to create a life with much more satisfaction and harmony.

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