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Private Pilgrimage on Illness & Health

When you suffer from health related issues, whether physical or emotional, it may well influence your Joy in Life. The Private Pilgrimage on Illness & Health invites you to transform your state of being. To enjoy life again.

Bali Retreat Death Dying and Mourning ws

Private Pilgrimage on Death, Dying & Mourning

Are you confronted with the death of a loved one or maybe time has come to overcome your fear of death? The pilgimage on death, dying and mourning is a deep transformative journey in which we encounter this issue in such a way that it invites you in Letting Go.

Private Pilgrimage on Forgiving & Healing

Forgiveness is a hidden power we all can practice. Even when it may seem hard. In practicing forgiveness, people are able to break a cycle that so many people get into?an ongoing, destructive back and forth where no one really wins. We are the ones who receive the most benefit from forgiveness, not the other person

Private Pilgrimage on Relationship Renewal

When you experience hard times in your relationship, in general it is not that the love is not there. It?s just that disturbing programs, fear, pain, frustration, projections, expectations etc get between you and the other. Many times resulting in a situation in which the love that is there can not be experienced anymore. In this pilgrimage you are invited to explore the love again and let go of all things that got in the way.